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Sister Katrina, donning her "Necklace of Many Faiths"

Sister Katrina, donning her
“Necklace of Many Faiths”

Need uplifting or empowerment? Got some big changes on the horizon? Want to recognize your staff for a job well done—or throw an awesome party when your spouse turns the next decade!?

Whatever the case, nun-denominational Sister Katrina can help! Connecting folks of all faiths, this little soul sister’s high energy and humor has audiences cheering for more. For thought-provoking content, a fresh perspective, and lots of laughs—you can count on The Fun Nun of Austin!

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 Sister-Katrina-SpeakerSister Katrina’s first appearance invokes belly laughs, as she bounces in and starts improvising with her audience. Sharing childhood stories about her dad (who raised exotic animals and appeared on What’s My Line?), she creates a relaxed atmosphere where people can laugh and learn. Undernearth the hip-hop habit and youthful demeanor lies a visually challenged, middle-aged mother of three, committed to bringing her audience joy and leaving them feeling recharged!

Sister Katrina’s altar-ego is teacher and director, Kathryn J. Hume, founder of Express Yourself Academyand creator of KidsShineOn! Based in Los Angeles for nine years and Minneapolis for 19, the award-winning program for kids now operates out of Austin, Texas.

Hume’s resume includes many plays, musicals, voiceover work, and improvi- sation, and most recently she appeared at The City Theatre in Austin. Kathryn has written a book of poetry for children and a play about blindness called “The Eyes Have It”.